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“As long it’s in Our Range
We Make Sure We’ll Find It for You”

Find over a thousand places in Indonesia with Just One Apps

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“If you can find it near you,
why go further?”

Find places near you to save your precious time


Get Direction


“Let’s Not Get Lost”

Not only finding you a place we also give direction and find you the fastest route to your location thru Google Apps and Waze.

Add Places

“Found a New Place! Just Add It”

Be part of Cari Aja community and contribute places that you recommend into our list. If you own a place you can Add your Places into Cari Aja Directory List and Get People to Know Your Places.

Add Favorite

“My Favorite – My Favorite…”

Add your favorite places for quick access and get notify with great offer from your favorite places.



“Sharing is Craving”

Share Cari Aja Apps, Favorite Places, and other recommended places thru social media, messenger, email, and others communication channel to your friends, family, co worker, Bf/Gf, or others.

Our Best Categories

We are creative, passionate and dedicated experts focused on and take pride in creating an app that serve people need, informative, connecting, engaging and adding value.

CariAja is an app that help to located places around you. Save Your Precious Time and let ‘S CariAja Find the Best Place & Convenient Way for You.

Engage With Us

Be part of CariAja team and engage with us, add your favorite place or claim your business in CariAja, you can manage and update any information or places and share it in CariAja Social network from your admin apps access. Get your places to be known now!

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About Us

With CariAja you can find places like Restaurant, Gas Stations, ATMs, Store to Shopping Malls and many more. CariAja not only help you to find places near by you and find the easiest route to your desire place, but also gives other information such as contact details, customer review, and recommended places.

  • Over 50+ predefined categories (i.e Restaurant, Gas Stations, School, Shopping mall etc.)
  • Can add new places, which is not listed yet.
  • Can add places to favorite.
  • Detection of current location.
  • Custom search with autosuggestion.
  • Direction of current location and real time distance to places.
  • Direction of the places are shown in MAP view.
  • Can find places in any location without being there.
  • Integrated with Google Map or Waze for easy use.
  • Display detailed information of places as contact information, website, place ratings, location, distance, etc.
  • Any nearby places with map and all details.
  • Any many more interesting features in the upcoming version of CariAja.